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  • Development and Manufacture of Well-Being and ECO Products.
  • The supreme taste of water of Sushinewater never changes!
  • Sushinewater will stay as a healthy company like a healthy family makes a healthy society.

 Sushinewater’s brand new products called Mineral Water Purifier, Korea of Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has signed a contract with a large OEM base in Korea and formed a giant networking company with wholesale export sales of more than 50 million in China.
We are based in the Chinese market, and eBay, Amazon online marketplace and American locales, China Town. Now the goal is to enter to marketing in Korea Town. Sushinewater brand has already attracted a lot of attention with our HOT & COLD Water Purifiers and Under Sink Water Filter System.
The Under Sink Water Filter System can be bought at the best price online at $299 and anyone can easily install it or change the filters to take advantage of this easy-to-use management system. Each filter is also available online at affordable prices. In addition, a HOT & COLD Water Purifier rental program is also available at low monthly ($29.99) payments. Get a great response to the many people who struggle with long contract terms and expensive payments. The product’s slim and modern design will be attractive to housewives.
The Sushinewater rental period is three years. After three years, the product undergoes a transfer of ownership to the customer and filter change will be automatically regulated through a monthly management fee ($15) to continue maintenance services. The Sushinewater products use the UF system which is environmental friendly with no draining of waste water. The system is perfect in the California area. It meets the government’s concerns to save water.
Sushinewater water purifiers let you enjoy the mineral water. The combination of the 4 filters (NSF registration material) composed of natural materials that provide healthy water. There are two Carbon Filters made and imported from Japan, one Sediment Filter, and one Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter.
If you have existing gastrointestinal symptoms, the healthy alkaline water will improve recovery. In other words, the health advantages and benefits of alkaline ionized water purifiers can be achieved through usage of Sushinewater products.