Hot tea lead to lower weight

It was a complex study looking at a lot of comparative data, but overall the results showed that regular consumption of hot tea was associated with decreased weight whereas regular consumption of iced tea was not. Specifically, women in the highest category of hot tea consumption had the lowest BMI (26.2 versus 28.5 for non-consumers). A similar relationship was found in men (25.4 versus 27.9 for non-consumers). Both men and women who drank multiple cups of hot tea a day also had a smaller waist circumference, though this effect was more pronounced among the men.
Drinking iced tea, on the other hand, had the opposite effect. Women saw a significant increase in waist circumference, skin fold thickness and BMI. Among men, non-consumers had significantly lower BMI and waist circumference than men who drank multiple daily cups of iced tea. Also, subscapular skin fold thickness was higher in both men and women who drank iced tea.