The Method of electrolyzing water

The mechanism involves electrolysis of water through the use of electrode energy and ionic materials moving to different electrodes (anodes and cathodes) through the ion exchange membrane.
The electrolytes moving to anodes are anionic minerals such as calcium ions, sodium ions and magnesium ions, and the electrolytes moving to cathodes are cationic materials such as chlorine ion and sulfur ion. The water obtained from the cathode electrode side is called Alkaline Ionized Water and the water obtained from the anode electrode side is called Acid Ionized Water.
Electrolysis Ionized Water System is a product approved as a "medical device" by Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). It produces Alkaline Ionized Water, which is beneficial to health, and Acid Ionized Water, which can use for household purposes, and purifier by moving contaminants.